Saturday, February 19, 2011

Design 1797 - Namis

This 45' length overall sloop was built in aluminum by Derecktor Shipyard and launched in 1965. She was designed as a racing yacht, rated under the C.C.A. Rule, with a predisposition for light airs and as such weight savings were considered. Her interior is minimalist but adequate for a racing crew. Namis made her home port in Chicago, Illinois.

This is the second boat built by Derecktor to this design. Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 44'-9"
LWL 31'-6"
Beam 10'-9"
Draft 6'-7"
Displacement 20,231 lbs
Saill Area 860 sq ft
Ballast 9,100 lbs

Friday, February 18, 2011

Design 1899 - I.W. 31 Class

This sweet looking design was built as a production model for the I. W. Varvet AB boatyard of Henan, Sweden, which is located on the island of Orust, north of Goteborg. This community can trace their boatbuilding roots back to the time of Viking ships.

It is the first of the designs created for Varvet and a fairly early fiberglass production model and was highly successful, with over 350 units produced, starting around 1969. She is designed as an I.O.R. ocean racing (1/2 tonner) yacht but also for family cruising.

Here are the plans.

Thanks to the owner who sent these images.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 30'-5"
LWL 22'-0"
Beam 8'-10"
Draft 5'-6"
Displacement 7,750 lbs
Sail Area 342 sq ft
Ballast 3,520 lbs

Design 339 - Whirlwind

This fast commuter yacht was built by the Jakobson Shipyard of Long Island for Laurence Rockefeller and launched on 1939. This article is the only documentation we seem to have at a scale suitable for posting on this blog. We can't find any images of this good looking boat. We thought we would post it none-the-less. Double click for readable view.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 52'-6"
LWL 50'-0"
Beam 12'-0"
Draft 3'-6"

Design 2008 - Sagitta 35

This handsome production yacht was built by the Sagitta Boat Company of Svendborg, Denmark in the early 1970s. She is a lovely racer-cruiser. Construction is solid skin fiberglass laminate with longitudinal stringers and a balsa cored deck.

Here are the plans.

Here's a peek at the underbody.

Thanks to the owner who sent these nice images.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 34'-6"
LWL 25'-6"
Beam 10'-0"
Draft 6'-0"
Displacement 10,210 lbs

Design 108 - Dorado


This 55' fisherman was designed in 1935. Three boats were built to this design by Franklin G. Post & Son of Mystic, Connecticut and launched in '36 and '37. Unfortunately we don't have any small scale study plans handy for this design but the general arrangement plan is included in the following article. Please double click for readable view.

Hull number 2, named Porpoise, was configured as a motoryacht and quite a bit different than her predecessor. Here she is.


And an article about her. As always double click for a bigger view.

And finally here's hull number 3, Seahorse.


Principal Dimensions
LOA 55'-5"
LWL 53'-9"
Beam 12'-9"
Draft 3'-10"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cap Giveaway

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Design 1092 - Tambo

This classy commuter yacht was designed for one James Moffett, New York of the Corn Products Company (now called CPC International). Looking at the history of Corn Products it seems they had a very large corn refinery in New Jersey so perhaps he used this boat to commute from his home in the the Battery to New Jersey.

She was built at the Krogerswerft Shipyard of Rendsburg, Germany and launched in 1954.

Power is derived from by twin Chrysler M45 (gasoline) marine engines producing 200 hp each at 3,800 rpm for a top speed of 19.6 knots.

Construction is white oak for framing, double planking with mahogany over cedar, canvas over plywood decks and silicon bronze fasteners.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 44'-6"
LWL 42'-0"
Beam 11'-8"
Draft 3'-11"
Displacement 22,150 lbs

Design 167 - 15' Double Ender

As a follow up to my posting of January 19 regarding Primrose, the nice little double-ender, here's an image I found in the files. If you look at the advertisement below it appears to be the photo that was used in the upper left hand position. I believe that's Aage Nielson at the tiller.

Design 730 - Maple Leaf Class

Okay so we don't have great images for every design. Here's an original Maple Leaf Class sailboat in a state of neglect. The image still gives one a good sense of the boat and her proportions.

Here's a nice article that tells the story better than I can. Double click for bigger view.

An interior shot. It's pretty sad looking but gives you the idea. I like that stove.

Here are the plans.

Here's a detailed midship section which shows her construction very nicely.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 35'-2"
LWL 24'-0"
Beam 7'-10"
Draft 5'-6"
Displacement 9,600 lbs

Design 2494 - Maxi 88

This composite production yacht had a healthy run of 12 hulls between 1986-2007. The builder is the C.I.M. Shipyard (Constructions Industrielles et Maritimes) of Rochefort, France.

Designed primarily for the charter trade, the general arrangement shows four generous cabins all with separate heads.

There is also a "private owner" version with a full beam master stateroom aft in place of the two aft cabins as shown above.

Here are some detail images.

Social Cockpit

Helm Station

Guest Stateroom

Master Stateroom (Private Owner Version)

Construction is very robust (bulletproof) with single skin fiberglass and longitudinal stringers. She's a big, heavy comfortable cruising boat.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 88'-7"
LWL 68'-11"
Beam 20'-6"
Draft 10'-3"
Displacement 151,926 lbs

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Design 2669 - Barbara Ann

Since I seem to be on a roll with the Aerorig boats (see previous posting), here's the other one. The image above is the day of her launch. Named Barbara Ann, she was built by Covey Island Boatworks of Nova Scotia, and launched in 2002.

She is designed with an intricate space frame pilothouse and the effect is quite dramatic. Here's a detail shot.

Where Blue Sky Messenger is completely devoid of winches on deck, Barbara Ann has just one, for the mainsheet (Blue Sky Messenger uses a captive winch in the engine room).

Here are the plans.

Here's an article about the boat from Yachting Magazine. Double click for bigger view.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 52'-0"
LWL 46'-3"
Beam 14'-11"
Draft 6'-9" (dagger board up) 9'-9" (dagger board down)
Displacement 37,600 lbs

Design 2657 - Blue Sky Messenger

This unique sailing yacht was designed with some special requirements from her owner. She sports a free standing mast which was marketed as an Aerorig. In addition she is designed with a lifting keel, twin rudders (for reduced draft) and an extremely large tender garage.

We've designed 2 yachts with the Aerorig. It's an interesting concept. The mast rotates through a couple of large bearings: one at the mast partners and one at the mast step. It's an efficient setup for short handed sailing. Downwind one rotates the entire sail plan.

She was built in composites by CNB (Construction Navale Bordeaux) of France and launched in 2001.

Here is an image at her launch. One can see the keel in the retracted position and the twin rudder setup.

Here are the plans.

Note cockpit is completely devoid of winches.

Here are some interior photographs.


Lower Salon and Galley

Owner's Stateroom

Guest Cabin

Principal Characteristics
LOA 65'-0"
LWL 57'-11"
Beam 17'-5"
Draft 6'-0" (keel up) 11'-5" (keel down)
Displacement 69,312 lbs
Sail Area 1,957 sq ft