Saturday, August 27, 2011

Design 909 - Manatuck

This nice looking sloop was designed and built by the Casey Boat Building Company of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. She was launched in 1940. Not one of our designs, she is listed as design S&S 909. We were hired only to design a new rig, which you see here and to try to correct ventilation problems. If I had to guess I would imagine some Dorade vents were added.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 31'-0"
LWL 25'-6"
Beam 10'-6"
Draft 4'-6"
Sail Area 728 sq ft

Friday, August 26, 2011

Design 1974 - Skimmer

This aluminum research vessel was built by Robert E. Derecktor of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the University of Delaware. The boat is powered by twin GM 6V-53 marine diesel engines for a cruise speed of 13.5 knots and a range of 225 nautical miles. She was launched in 1970.

The boat is equipped for water sampling, towing plankton nets and dredges, handling bottom samplers for making grabs and cores, underwater cameras and current meters. It is designed to carry a crew of two and six scientists.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 41'-10"
LWL 38'-0"
Beam 13'-0"
Draft 3'-3"
Displacement 25,386 lbs

Design 2487 - Lacoste 36

Developed for Yachting France, the Lacoste 36 was designed as a modern cruiser/racer with emphasis on cruising amenities. The boat was introduced in 1985.

Here are the plans.

Here is a hull and finished interior (without deck) that was prepared for the Paris Boat Show of 1986.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 36'-6"
LWL 30'-0"
Beam 12'-2"
Draft 6'-6" (standard keel) 4'-10"/8'-2" (centerboard version up/down)
Displacement 15,910 lbs
Ballast 6,075 lbs
Sail Area 645 sq ft

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Swan 76 Deckhouse Ketch - Design 2331

The Swan 76 was available in two versions, with flush deck or deckhouse. The deckhouse version shown here was only available with the centerboard option whereas the flush deck was available with a deep keel. Five boats were built during a production run that ran from 1979-1981.

Here are the plans.

Here's an article from Sailing magazine. Double click for zoom.

The boat shown here is currently for sale. Click here to see the listing and a number of interior images.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 76'-4"
LWL 61'-4"
Beam 19'-0"
Draft 7'-6" (board up) 15'-0" (board down)
Displacement 105,000 lbs
Ballast 30,000 lbs
Sail Area 2,448 sq ft

Design 61 - Linwood

Linwood was designed as a commuter yacht and salvage vessel. She was built by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corporation of New York and launched in 1936. She is powered by twin 250 hp Speedway engines with a top speed of 15 knots.

Here are the plans.

Here are a couple of interesting articles about her. Please double click for zoom.

In 1946 her main deck was modified as was her profile to include a large outdoor social area, protected by an awning. Here is a picture of her modified profile.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 76'-11"
LWL 75'-6"
Beam 15'-6"
Draft 4'-0"

Design 623 - Windblown

Here is a beautiful little sloop. Windblown was built by Nevins of City Island and launched in 1946.

Here are the plans.

And an early article.

Here's a peek at her interior.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 39'-7"
LWL 28'-0"
Beam 11'-2"
Draft 5'-10"
Sail Area 587 sq ft

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More on 376 - 20' Utility Boat

Okay so ignore my last posting. We found some plans for this utility boat.

Design 376 - Utility Boat

I'm beginning to believe these two sketches were all that was produced for the design of this utility boat. She was designed for the Seabrook Yacht Yard (Texas?) in 1940.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 20'-0"
LWL 17'-7"
Beam 6'-4"
Draft 2'-7"

Design 2263 - 17' Daysailer

These plans were part of a design proposal at the request of the Boston Whaler Company for their first foray into the sailboat market. The year was 1975.

The basic specifications were to be:
1. Performance - it should be a good performing boat without the need for acrobatics, trapezes, etc.
2. Cockpit - it should be large, with a relatively small amount of shelter/storage space up forward.
3. A Family Boat - the boat should be designed for families first and foremost: easy to sail, trailer, rig and maintain.
4. Safety - because of its family appeal, the boat should meet the high safety standards of Boston Whaler. This would mean utilizing their foam sandwich technique along with a foam-filled mast and sewn-in masthead flotation to reduce turtling.
5. Self-bailing - unlike most boats her size, the boat should be self-bailing at rest as well as underway.

Unfortunately, the design contract was awarded to a competing firm.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 17'-0"
LWL 6'-4"
Draft 0'-8" (board up) 4'-3" (board down)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Design 2249 - Dida IV

Here's a nice Two-Tonner built by Cantiere Carlini of Rimini, Italy. She is constructed of wood using light scantlings. Her structure is of laminated keel and frames and she is double planked, which is glued and screwed. She was launched in 1976.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 42'-11"
LWL 31'-9"
Beam 12'-3"
Draft 7'-0"
Displacement 20,400 lbs
Ballast 9,800 lbs
Sail Area 840 sq ft

Design 1715 - Puffin II

This is the second Puffin designed and built for Edward Greef. She was built by American Marine Ltd. of Hong Kong of local woods such as ipol, yacal and teak and launched in 1963.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Here's a peek at her shape.

And finally here's an article about her. Please double click for zoom.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 39'-10"
LWL 27'-10"
Beam 10'-7"
Draft 6'-0"
Displacement 20,670 lbs
Ballast 7,300 lbs
Sail Area 778 sq ft

Design 1641 - Nancy Sue

I'm trying to track down an image of this pretty little yacht. If I find one I'll come back and post it later. She was built of wood by the Paul Luke yard of East Boothbay, Maine. Internal structure is of white oak with laminated frames. She is double planked of mahogany over cedar. The deck is canvas over plywood and fasteners are of Everdur. She was launched in 1960.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 37'-5"
LWL 25'-5"
Beam 10'-0"
Draft 5'-0"
Displacement 13,921 lbs
Ballast 4,500 lbs (outside) 200 lbs (inside)
Sail Area 594 sq ft

Monday, August 22, 2011

Design 1939-C2 - Aura

Back in March we posted an article about the sister to this design, named Bay Bea. This boat utililed the same plans with some changes. 2" of freeboard was added for additional headroom and she displaces less (with less ballast and sail area as a result). She was also built by Palmer Johnson and launched in 1971.

Here are the plans.

Here's an article from Soundings magazine.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 49'-7"
LWL 35'-0"
Beam 11'-10"
Draft 7'-4"
Displacement 31,800 lbs
Ballast 14,500 lbs
Sail Area 1,038 sq ft

Design 1697 - Boree

This beautiful 6-meter was the last registered "classic" 6 to be built. She was built of wood by the Corsier Port Chantier Naval of Geneva, Switzerland and launched in 1963.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 35'-8"
LWL 23'-8"
Beam 6'-0"
Draft 5'-5"
Sail Area 492 sq ft