Saturday, September 10, 2011

Northstar 1000 - Design 2098-C6

We've already posted an article about this design in a different iteration, but here is a later model based on this design, the 2098-C6 version: the Northstar 1000. It's a version built by Northstar Yachts of Ontario. She's basically a 1/2-tonner turned into a simple cruiser/racer, but still rated as a 1/2-tonner. She's built of fiberglass sandwich construction.

Here's are the plans.

Principal dimensions
LOA 29'-11"
LWL 22'-6"
Beam 9'-6"
Draft 5'-3"
Displacement 8,000 lbs
Ballast 3,710 lbs
Sail Area 399 sq ft

Friday, September 9, 2011

Design 1238 - Katama

This little yawl is unusual in that she is of extremely shallow draft but with fixed keel only. She was constructed by Matthiessen & Paulsen of Arnis, Germany and launched in 1957. She is constructed of white oak for framing and double planked of mahogany over cedar. Fastenings are of Everdur.

Principle Dimensions
LOA 39'-8"
LWL 27'-6'
Beam 11'-3"
Draft 3'-11"
Ballast 5,600 lbs (outside) 300 lbs (inside)
Sail Area 761 sq ft

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Design 2160 - American Jane II

American Jane II was built of aluminum by Walter Huisman of Vollenhove, Holland. She was designed to compete in the one-ton class. She was launched in 1973.

Here's an article from Sea magazine. Please double click for zoom.

And here's the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 38'-8"
LWL 29'-3"
Beam 11'-9"
Draft 6'-6"
Displacement 15,995 lbs
Ballast 6,800 lbs
Sail Area 618 sq ft

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Design 1707 - Thunder

This pretty yawl was built of wood by Smith & Rhuland of Nova Scotia. She was launched in 1961. She is pretty standard but I do like the full height engine room separating the head, galley, main and aft cabins. This is convenient for the engine room air, which draws in/exhausts through small cowl ventilators located in the cabin top. The navigation table is located in the after face of this enclosure on the centerline allowing good communication between navigator and helmsman.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 45'-0"
LWL 30'-4"
Beam 11'-0"
Draft 6'-5"
Displacement 25,075 lbs
Ballast 9,250 lbs
Sail Area 914 sq ft

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Design 2719- Hull #7

Here's hull #7 of the Passagemaker 60 series. After extensive sea trials in and around Hong Kong she has been loaded on a ship and is currently headed for Fort Lauderdale. It kind of puts a 60' yacht in perspective relative to the enormity of Hong Kong harbor.

Here are the plans.

Principal Characteristics
LOA 63'-3" (includes integral swim platform)
LWL 57'-6"
Beam 17'-2"
Draft 4'-11"
Displacement 108,680 lbs (full load)
Power Single ~340 hp, various manufacturers available
Bow and stern thrusters standard
Stabilizers standard
Displacement speed ~10 knots
Range ~3,000nm

Design 2390-C3 - Steven 50 Pilothouse

This design has had many evolutions, starting with the Stevens 47 (center cockpit), Stevens 50 (aft cockpit) and then this pilothouse design. The boat eventually became the Queen Long 47 and now the Hylas 49, built by Queen Long. I'm going a bit out of sequence with these designs but in any event let's focus on the pilothouse 50. It's a great boat. It takes what was a super boat (Stevens 47) and makes it even better with a light and airy salon below.

Here's an early brochure.

And an early article about the boats.

Here's a peek at her underbody.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 50'-2"
LWL 37'-9"
Beam 14'-4"
Draft 6'-0"
Displacement 31,220 lbs
Ballast 12,000 lbs
Sail Area 1,051 sq ft

2011 Newport International Boat Show

Sparkman & Stephens will be in Tent A for the 2011 Newport International Boat Show. We hope to see you there!

Please call our Newport office at (401) 847-5449 or send us an email to request complimentary guest tickets.

Design 180 - 6-Meter Fun

Fun was built by Henry Nevins of City Island, New York in 1937. She was destined for San Fransisco. Today she makes her home in France.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 37'-0"
LWL 23'-9"
Beam 6'-0"
Draft 5'-3"
Sail Area 460 sq ft

Monday, September 5, 2011

Design 1343 - 12-Meter Columbia

Image Courtesy Beken of Cowes

Of all the S&S 12-meters, it could be argued that Columbia is the prettiest. She was the 1958 America's Cup winner. Built of wood by Henry Nevins of City Island, New York she was the first post-war 12-meter designed by the firm. She is also the very 1st America's Cup 12-meter winner.

The crew consisted of Rod Stephens as bowman, Cornelius Shields as skipper, Briggs Cunningham as helmsman, Henry Sears as navigator and Olin Stephens in the afterguard.

Learn more about the S&S 12-meters by clicking here.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 69'-5"
LWL 45'-6"
Beam 11'-9"
Draft 8'-9'
Displacement 63,200 lbs
Sail Area 1,985 sq ft

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Design 319 - Fleet-o-Wing

This little keel boat was introduced in 1939. Designed in our Boston office by K. Aage Nielsen, they were designed for and built by Marcus C. Lowell & Sons of Newbury, Massachusetts. The original production was 15 boats built to this design. I will try to track down an image or two when I am back in the office on Tuesday.

The boats are still available from Pert Lowell for a cost of $31,000. Click here to access the website.

Here are the Lines. Just look at the amount of hollow in the LWL. She must be pretty at the mooring.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 17'-9"
LWL 14'-6"
Beam 6'-0"
Draft 3'-0"
Displacement 1,200 lbs
Ballast 480 lbs
Sail Area 149 sq ft