Saturday, November 12, 2011

Design 2468 - Esprit

This canoe stern trawler was built by the Denning Corporation of Oxford, Maryland. She was constructed of fiberglass and launched in 1983.

Here is a presentation plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 53'-7"
LWL 46'-8"
Beam 15'-10"
Draft 4'-7"
Displacement 52,560 lbs

Friday, November 11, 2011

Design 2517 - Baltic 64

Baltic Yachts of Finland was formed by a group of ex-Nautor Swan boat builders in 1973. The Baltic 64 was introduced in 1988 and was designed in conjunction with Baltic's chief designer, Tor Hinders. Sparkman & Stephens was responsible for the naval architecture and the design of the hull shape, appendages and sail plan.

The hull is constructed using a custom hybrid kevlar/fiberglass fabric over an aircraft balsa core and vacuum bagged using an Epoxy resin system. Weight control throughout all facets of construction has been a priority for Baltic throughout their history.

Five boats were built between 1988 and 1997.

Here are the plans. Two interior arrangements were offered as well as two deck configurations with minimal differences (cruising and racing).

And some interior images.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 64'-0"
LWL 51'-6"
Beam 17'-4"
Draft 10'-9"
Displacement 52,218 lbs
Ballast 24,652 lbs
Sail Area1,821 sq ft

Great Sailing Image

Image Courtesy of Suzann Fulbright

This image was snapped during Classic Week in New York Harbor in 2008. The photographer, an artist, contacted us for the plans for these two beautiful boats as she will be painting this scene and wants to make sure the painting is correct from a technical standpoint.

That's Blackwatch in front, design #218. In the chase is the 12-meter America II (US46), design #2500. America II is footing a bit, probably trying to get the boat upright as she looks a bit over canvassed here or has too few crew members in general to get some weight up on the weather rail. Also of interest is just how much sag these older boats carry in their headstay. Just hold the edge of a piece of paper up against the image along the headstay to see it.

You can see just how powerful Blackwatch is (for a boat that was launched in 1938) up against a 12-meter racing yacht (launched in 1984). Here's a comparison:

Principal Dimensions
Blackwatch versus America II
LOA 68'-0" vs. 65'-0"
LWL 48'-0" vs. 45'-0"
Beam 14'-7" vs .12'-0"
Draft 9'-3" vs. 9'-0"
Displacement 76,700 lbs vs. 54,216 lbs
Sail Area 2,125 sq ft vs. 1,846 sq ft

Design 1878 - Halmatic

Here's a concept design prepared for a start-up boat builder in England. The boats were to be built in fiberglass by Halmatic, Ltd. of Hants, England. Two different profiles and arrangements were offered as can be seen in this promotional material. I don't believe the project went beyond this preliminary stage. The year was 1966.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 54'-10"
LWL 40'-8"
Beam 14'-1"
Draft 4'-9"
Displacement 37,000
Sail Area 1,112 sq ft

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Design 2348 - Tartan 33

The Tartan 33 was introduced in 1979 as a follow up design to the much beloved Tartan Ten. Over 200 boats were built during a production run that lasted until 1984 and the introduction of the Tartan 34. The boat was designed as a comfortable cruising boat with shallow draft due to her Scheel keel.

Here's an early design review. Please double click for zoom.

Here's a peak at the shape of that Scheel keel.

Here are the plans.

There is a very good owner's website which can be accessed by clicking here.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 33'-8"
LWL 28'-10"
Beam 11'-0"
Draft 4'-6"
Displacement 10,000 lbs
Ballast 4,400 lbs
Sail Area 531 sq ft

Design 1939-C2 - Aura

We've made reference to this boat before, or at least her sister Bay Bea. I was reminded of her as we had an inquiry from the Commodore of the Royal Malta Yacht Club looking for any images we might have of her. In reviewing the files it did remind me just how well this boat did in her first four years of racing including a bullet in the 1973 Middle Sea Race. Here's a summary of her winnings.

As often is the case we find very few images of her in the files. The Commodore of RMYC was kind enough to send us this scan of the cover of the Middle Sea Race program for 1974 where they used an image of Aura taken the previous year.

Here are the plans.

Aura was built of aluminum by Palmer Johnson of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. She was launched in 1971.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 49'-7"
LWL 34'-10"
Beam 11'-10"
Draft 7'-4"
Displacement 31,800 lbs
Ballast 14,500 lbs
Sail Area 1,038 sq ft

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Design 2136 - Dida III

Dida III was a development of both design #2058, Morning Cloud II and Cervantes IV, design #2061. She was designed for Admiral's Cup competition. She was designed for what would become a repeat client. The boat was constructed of wood by Cantiere Carlini of Italy and launched in 1973. Drafting as shown was by the very talented Johan Valentijn. I apologize for having no images.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 41'-10"
LWL 32'-6"
Beam 12-10"
Draft 6'-11"
Displacement 20,284 lbs
Ballast 9,700 lbs (outside) 200 lbs (inside)
Sail Area 780 sq ft

More About Hughes 48 - Design 1956

Photo Credit Barbara Miller

A blog reader was kind enough to send us these nice images of their Hughes 48, Iolani, which they sail out of San Fransisco Bay. The Hughes 48 is design #1956. You can see how the designed was inspired by Palawan III, design #1821.

Thanks for sending these and thanks for reading.

Photo Credit Peter Lyons

Design 2150 - Swan 41

Yesterday we posted an article about design #2120, Gunfleet of Hamble. In the posting we referenced the Swan 41 which was directly developed from Gunfleet's lines. Here she is.

The Swan 41 was introduced in 1973. 61 hulls were delivered during a production run that lasted until 1977 and the introduction of the Swan 411, design #2150-C1, which was a further improvement on the design.

Two rig configurations were offered: a heavy weather "short" rig with single spreaders and a light weather "tall" rig with double spreaders, although both with the same amount of sail area.

Here is an early design review.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 41'-0"
LWL 30'-3"
Beam 11'-11"
Draft 6'-10"
Displacement 23,800 lbs
Ballast 9,700 lbs
Sail Area 792 sq ft

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Design 2120 - Gunfleet of Hamble

Gunfleet of Hamble was designed and built for the the 1973 Admiral's Cup competition. Unfortunately she was late to the starting line and missed the opportunity to race. In the mean time the design was utilized for the new Swan 41 so by the time 1974 competition came around the custom one-off Gunfleet found herself racing against a stock boat of similar proportions.

Here's an early article on this very subject. That's a stock Swan 41 in the photograph below.

Gunfleet of Hamble was constructed of aluminum by Joyce Marine of Southampton, England.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 41'-0"
LWL 30'-3"
Beam 12'-0"
Draft 6'-6"
Displacement 17,675 lbs
Ballast 10,400 lbs
Sail Area 624 sq ft

Monday, November 7, 2011

Design 1821 - Palawan III

Palawan III was the third S&S yacht designed and built for Thomas Watson, Jr. of IBM. She was constructed of aluminum by Robert E. Derecktor of Mamaroneck, NY and launched in the spring of 1966. At the time, the separate keel (with trim tab) and rudder was a feature of this design. The hull was based on tank model testing.

The boat is about to come on the brokerage market. Please contact us for information.

Here are the plans.

Here is a brief article from Yachting Quarterly magazine, circa 2004, in Olin's own words. Please double click for zoom.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 58'-0"
LWL 40'-0"
Beam 12'-4"
Draft 8'-2"
Displacement 46,054 lbs
Bballast 19,500 lbs
Sail Area 1,308 sq ft

More About Cyane - Design 1366

The owner of Cyane, design #1366, was kind enough to send us this current image of the boat. She's a beauty. Thanks for sending the photo.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Design 1629 - Klem IV

This very typical S&S sloop was built by the Paul Molich shipyard of Hundestadt, Denmark. Molich was one the highest regarded boatbuilders in Denmark. She was designed and built for the shipping magnate, Arnold Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, and an extremely avid sailor.

Her construction is of white oak for the stem, teak for keelson, mahogany for deadwood, laminated white oak frames and she is planked in mahogany. Fastenings are of phosphor bronze. She was launched in 1962.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 60'-8"
LWL 42'-0"
Beam 14'-4"
Draft 8'-0"
Displacement 54,080 lbs
Ballast 23,600 lbs
Sail Area 1,655 sq ft