Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Design 2102 & C1 - Rubin and Jan Potte

We have mentioned Rubin, the Admiral's Cup racing yacht in a previous posting. She was part of the 1973 German team. Two identical sisters were built to this design by Bermester of Germany. Rubin was the first and launched in 1973 followed by Jan Potte the following year.

Here are some interesting construction images showing the cold molded hull, turning of the hull, the aluminum ring frames and leaf spring floors and the deck under construction. We are not sure if these images are of Rubin or of Jan Potte.

Here is the brochure showing the sail plan and the general arrangement. The drafting is beautiful.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 49'-2"
LWL 37'-3"
Beam 13'-10"
Draft 7'-10"
Displacement 27,650 lbs
Ballast 16,000 lbs
Sail Area 1,014 sq ft


  1. REF: “Rubin: Hans-Otto Schumann:...”

    By: Caroline-M. Wierig / Peter Neumann
    Delius, Klasinging & Co. 2001.
    ISBN: 3-7688-1286-3
    NOTE: Printed in German.

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  4. Rubin was modified as a cruiser/racer and had a smaller cockpit after modification. She operated in the 1980ies till 1995 for the Hanseatische Yachschule at Gueckburg in Germany, doing long haul sailing trips into the Baltic Sea. She was later sold with unknown destination.
    Jan Pott ( there is a spelling mistake in the headline) was sold in 1978 to the same sailing school and did similar sailing trips under the new name Gluecksburg. She was also used for local regatta sailing, I.e. Kiel week or the Flensburger Förde Week.
    She burned out in her winter storage in the mid 1990ies due to a battery fault and sold for scrap.