Friday, January 13, 2012

Design 2299 - 1/2 Tonner

This little half-tonner would be the third S&S design for this client. His first was design #1767, a 40' production yacht (S&S40) built by a brand new boatyard named Teksoglass of Finland in 1964, followed by design #1973, a Swan 43 delivered in 1968.

The client was Åke Lindqvist, at the time Chief Surveyor to Lloyd’s Register in Finland. He had an active interest in offshore racing, had established contacts with S&S, and the knowledge for performing scantling calculations for the yachts. In the days of his first S&S design (1964), fiberglass was then a fairly new and unknown material for boat building, and it is likely that Lloyd’s scantling rules at the time were partly built on Åke’s contributions.

We have no record of where this boat was built.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 31'-6"
LWL 22'-5"
Beam 11'-0"
Draft 5'-6"
Displacement 5,685 lbs
Sail Area 383 sq ft

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