Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Design 2399 - 55' Sail Trainer

I hope the readers of this blog site don't mind that we post the obscure designs along with the better known boats. Sometimes this means we have very little digital material and at other times it means we don't know much about the boats themselves. Both of these cases apply to this particular boat.

The client is listed as the Royal Navy, Minister of Defense. I assume this to mean England, but I could be wrong. The year was 1980. The construction material was aluminum.

Looking at the plan list below, it is complete and that makes me feel she was built.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 57'-0"
LWL 46'-3"
Beam 14'-11"
Draft 9'-6"
Sail Area 1,427 sq ft

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  1. I love obscure designs - in fact we wish you would do a post on our boat, a 1982 Tartan 42. Only 34 of them built I understand and we have hull #28.

    S/V Kintala