Monday, January 16, 2012

More on the Preliminary Design of a 35' LOA Sloop

Saturday we posted an article about the preliminary design of a 35' auxiliary sloop. A blog reader asked us to post the sail plan. Here it is.


  1. When you have a generous afterdeck such as you have here, why would anyone ever want to break up the cockpit with a knee-biting, shin-barking dog of a traveller smack dab in the middle of the cockpit? A roller bearing traveller on the afterdeck, with tag lines and cam cleats at each end, would give you control of the traveller, so critical for de-powering the main when the wind pipes up, from wherever you sit to steer, AND you'd have an obstruction-free cockpit.

  2. I'm a different 'anonymous' and the first rendering on the initial post from a few days ago shows end-boom fittings like you suggest. I imagine the sheeting arrangement hasn't been 'settled on' yet.