Wednesday, January 18, 2012

S&S 30 - Design 97-C2

In response to a number of people who have been asking, here's the S&S 30 showing the underbody and appendages.

Here is a comparison of the S&S 30 to some other contemporary designs. Please double click for zoom.

For plans, additional images, specifications and project history, please visit the Sparkman & Stephens 30 website at

Offered at $149,000.

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  1. The spec. indicates a saildrive but is not shown in renderings, is a lifting outboard option available?

  2. The lifting outboard has been replaced by a conventional saildrive after consideration and customer feedback. I apologize it is not yet shown in the renderings.

  3. Have any hulls been built yet? Many of us are just itching to see just how she performs.