Friday, February 3, 2012

Design 1590 - Scatoulista II

This beautiful 5.5-meter racing yacht was built by the Corsier-Port shipyard of Geneva, Switzerland. She was launched in 1960 and is one of only ten 5.5-meters designed by the firm. It is interesting to note that of the ten, four consecutive boats were built by the same yard between 1960 - 1962. They are designs #1590 (Scatoulista II), #1633 (Aramis X), #1696 (Athena) and #1731 (Roy).

The boat was built for the Aga Khan (IV), a repeat customer for Sparkman & Stephens. Scatoulista II (SUI-041) was constructed of carvel planked mohagany.

The boat is now named Laetitia and makes her home in the Netherlands. Like many classic 5.5-meters, she has been retrofitted with a separate spade rudder.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 32'-0"
LWL 22'-3"
Beam 6'-3"
Draft 4'-5"
Sail Area 312 sq ft


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    the displacement in salt water is 1,925t; more details can be seen on this 5.5m Inventory site:
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    Kaspar Stubenrauch
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