Thursday, February 23, 2012

Design 2244 - Siska

We don't have any small scale study plans on hand for this yacht but we're posting an article nonetheless. It's an interesting design. The boat was designed for the famous Australian sailor Rolly Tasker, who built the boat himself. The construction material is aluminum and she was launched in 1974.

The image below gives a good view of her deck layout. The notation on the back of the image below reads "Cruising - 2,700 miles."

Principal Dimensions
LOA 51'-5"
LWL 38'-10"
Beam 13'-7"
Draft 9'-0"
Displacement 31,593 lbs
Sail Area 1,112 sq ft


  1. S&S did design a yacht for Rolly Tasker as the comments state, but these pictures are of Rolly's previous Siska which he designed himself.

  2. The S&S design yacht for Rolly Tasker was identical to "Charisma" the 54ft yacht specifically designed under the IOR rule. It was to race as part of the Australian team in the Admirals Cup but was sold and spent the rest of its life racing and cruising the Great Barrier Reef and was based in Cairns. I crewed on the yacht for a number of years and having seen the plans and in particular rudder modifications I can say it is the same work that was carried out earlier on Charisma. The work done moved the rudder back and made it deeper to improve steering. The only other difference was in the deck layout and selection and type of winches. I have some old photos which I will scan and post in the near future