Saturday, February 25, 2012

Design 688 - River Steamer

This vessel was designed with sufficient power and maneuverability to negotiate the rapids of the Upper Yangtze River in China. Dry cargo was carried on the main deck and loaded through side ports. Hull tanks were installed to carry 615 tons of Tung Oil.

Passenger Capacity
1st Class - 24
2nd Class - 36
3rd Class - 201

Power Plant
Steam - Twin screw - Twin uniflow engines - Two water tube boilers
2,400 shaft horsepower for 15 knots

Principal Characteristics
LOA 253'-0"
Beam 48'-0"
Draft 8'-0" (light ship) 12'-0" (full load)


  1. Any idea how many hours S & S spent designing this ?

  2. Dear Blog Reader,
    I looked through the files today and unfortunately we have no record of how many hours it took to designer her.
    Best Regards,
    Bruce Johnson

  3. This design does not appear to match photographs of any known Upper Yengtse steamer. Can you supply a date or the name of the prospective shipowner?
    Best regards,
    Stephen Kentwell