Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More About Alsumar - Design 11

Alsumar Today

Today I am on the road trying to determine if anyone is actually building wooden yachts in Connecticut anymore. In ages past we had Luders of Stamford, Joel Johnson of Bridgeport, Seth Persson of Old Saybrook, Franklin Post & Son of Mystic, Aderson & Combes of New Haven and more. (More to follow on this subject.)

I stopped at Taylor & Snediker of Pawcatuck, Connecticut. Nice boat shop by the way and thanks for the tour. They are busy restoring a water taxi from Venice of all things (very cool boat) and an early Rhodes sloop built by A&R (read very busy) but to me the most interesting thing they have there is Alsumar, design #11, sitting out back awaiting restoration! And she's all there and all original. It was all I could do to not ask them to rip the shrink wrap off!

I will draw your attention to the comment that has been submitted regarding our original article about her as follows (posted by anonymous): "She is at Taylor & Snediker in Pawcatuck, RI (it's actually CT but it is only separated from RI by a river so it's as close as you can get) awaiting restoration by an irrational and foolish owner (me)." To the owner: Yes, she would be a sight to behold and please restore her before your NY30 sitting alongside! She is a rare S&S design with the classic "railcar" deckhouse.

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