Friday, February 17, 2012

More About Gosling - Design 2070

About a year ago we posted an article about the 6-meter yacht Gosling, design #2070. We received the following note from her owner along with the image shown above.

Dear Sparkman & Stephens,

With great delight I found your article about design 2070 "Gosling" on your blog. I currently own the boat and, indeed, she is still on Lake Constance. Maybe you're interested what she currently looks like, I enclose a picture. The little cabin has been added in the mid eighties together with a small engine to make her more "family suited" which worked well for the past twenty years. Still a real beauty!

Congratulations to your blog, it's very very interesting!

Yours sincerely,

Owner of Gosling

Thanks for reading and thank you for sending us the image.

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