Thursday, March 8, 2012

Design 1674-C1 - Sunward 48

We've made mention of this design before. The original boat was named Toc Toc and was built of steel. The boat was eventually developed into a production fiberglass boat that was built and marketed by Marlow Yachts of Deer Park, New York and called the Marlow 48. This was around 1970. From there the molds were purchased by Bennett Brothers Yachts of Wilmington, North Carolina. The model was renamed the Sunward 48. What you see here pertains to the Sunward 48.

Here are the plans.

And here is the most famous of all Sunward 48 owners, Walter Cronkite, aboard his boat Wyntje.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 48'-0"
LWL 38'-6"
Beam 14'-3"
Draft 5'-7"
Displacement 48,000 lbs
Ballast 16,500 lbs
Sail Area 1,033 sq ft


  1. I enjoyed the joke that Walter Cronkite's boat was named "Assignment." So when someone was filling in for him, they would lead off the newscast with "Walter Cronkite is on Assignment."

  2. J.Con S/V Mrs. ChippyMarch 12, 2012 at 10:52 AM

    Looks like Cronkite had in mast furling systems long before they became popular.

  3. The Sunward 48 is the ideal voyaging platform. I own hull number 7 and have logged 25,000 miles in her. To quote a professional mariner of 30 years experience, "The Sunward 48 is the ideal cruising boat. In light airs or heavy seas she will do exactly what you want her to. I have skippered and delivered most of the world's high quality boats including Swans, Oysters and Hinckleys and the Sunward 48 was the best of them all." Its nautical architecture numbers are astounding: comfort motion ratio, sail area to displacement, capsize risk, roll acceleration all point to a boat of amazing stability and strength, yet this vessel routinely sails at eight knots in moderate airs.
    Incidentally, Bob Yunaska owned and ran Sunward Yachts. It was he who bought the design from Marlow. Marlow only built a single boat and a second hull before Bob bought the designs, molds and plugs. Bennett Brothers ended up with the brand after Bob left the business in 1994. There was an unfinished hull, never sailed, available for sail on ebay recently. What a delight it would be to fit out a brand new Sunward 48!

  4. Willet is a Sunward 48 hull number 17 . We are trying to get an owners group together or at least a list of boat names hull numbers and owners to share stories about these wonderful boats. We have owned our for only 5 years now cruising her from maine to Florida/Bahamas every year since 2012.

    1. Would like to know about the owners group.
      How can I get in touch with you?