Saturday, March 10, 2012

Design 323 - Hydrolite Dinghy

Details are sketchy at best for this design. Here's what we think we know. George Barnes of the Skaneatales Boatworks of Skaneateles, New York, invented a glue for cold molded boat construction. We were hired to design the dinghy you see here, named the Hydrolite. Eight Hydrolites were built using an autoclave. The boats were built of mahogany. The year was 1940.

The glue that he invented was later sold to the US Navy to build PT Boats.

Here are the plans we pulled off our microfiche files. Note the gear associated with the rig, centerboard and tiller was completely omitted in the images you see here.

I include the lines as they are interesting. Comparing them to the images however, the beautiful curvature at the transom was eliminated.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 8'-0"
LWL 7'-9"
Beam 3'-11"
Draft 0'-5"

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  1. We have this boat sitting inside our living room...