Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design 77B - J-Class Racing Yacht Cheveyo

Graphics Courtesy Spirit Yachts, Ltd.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Spirit Yachts, Ltd. of Ipswich, England to build a new J-Class racing yacht. The boat will be named ‘Cheveyo’ (pronounced shu-Vay-o), a native American word meaning ‘spirit warrior’ and will carry sail number J1.

The yacht has been commissioned by a U.S. syndicate of investors and sailing enthusiasts. A driving force behind the project is the desire to experience the thrill and elegance of yesteryear's yacht racing on a modern vessel steeped in the essence of tradition.

While the J-class Ranger design utilized lines 77C because it was found to have the best potential for racing in the sheltered waters off Newport, Rhode Island, Cheveyo will be built using the Ranger 77B hull design for the more exposed conditions of today’s classic regattas. If you recall in 1936 an original series of six hull designs was submitted by Starling Burgess and Sparkman & Stephens to Harold Vanderbilt for the 1937 America’s Cup defense. Each of the six Ranger designs was extensively tank tested by Burgess and S&S to select the optimum hull-form to defend the America’s Cup against the challenger Endeavour II, designed by Charles Nicholson. The ‘Super J’ Ranger was thus born, and went on to triumph decisively over Endeavour II in the 1937 series.

Cheveyo will marry the classic design of yachting’s golden era with modern build techniques of the 21st century. Spirit Yachts will use sophisticated wood/epoxy construction mated to laser cut stainless steel ring frames to create an exceptionally stiff yet lightweight hull.

On deck, this new ‘Super-J’ will remain true to the beauty and grace of the original design. The authentic low-profile deckhouse has been retained, resulting in a clean, unobstructed working deck. Complementing this will be high-modulus carbon spars, carbon rigging, state of the art sails and all the modern sophistication of a contemporary performance yacht that will allow her to be raced competitively against any modern yacht and, most importantly, in the spectacular growing J-Class fleet. Authenticity continues below deck with a beautiful 1930’s-inspired interior.

Here is a sail plan rendering and the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 139'-0"
LWL 86'-11"
Beam 21'-0"
Draft 15'-0"
Displacement 392,423 lbs
Sail Area 8,290 sq ft


  1. as a local to ipswich uk classic and jclass enthusiast i am over the moon that Spirit Yachts were retained to build in a more original fashion another j.The renaissance continues, fantastic
    How appopriate is the name in Hopi "Spirit Warrior" Sir T L and Sir T S would find the irony of american syndicate choosing a british yard to build a Sarling Burgess design wonderful
    The Jclass continues to provide talking points and iconic status is further enhanced by this magnificent project.
    I cannot wait for the summer and the regattas in Falmouth and Solent
    Stuart Mcclellan

  2. Yeah, real "authentic." With an engine. Will she have air conditioning and flat-screen TV as well? Want authenticity? Simply change the America's Cup rules to use J boats built to the Universal rule as it was in 1937. They're spending so much on the crap they're sailing now that it might even be a money-saver. Somehow though, I just don't see Larry Elison filling Mike Vanderbilt's Topsiders.

    Paul J. Nolan

  3. It is real authentic, and it makes me dream just to see an artist's rendition of it. A shame that the person who made the comment above is so incredibly unhappy!

  4. I would have thought that with todays modern materials and building styles replica j-class yachts could easily be built to the original 'Universal Rule'. Problem is that the 3 remaining original j-class yachts have been refitted as luxury charter yachts and no longer comply with the Universal Rule so to keep them in the racing the rules needed changing.

    Shame that the yachts need to earn money by being chartered instead of their original owners having them just for racing.

    As for this yacht being J1 that belongs to Enterprise and unless they are building a replica of Enterprise they should be using one of the spare sail numbers as J1 belongs to who ever rebuilds Enterprise!!!