Friday, March 2, 2012

Design 959 - Sidori

We know very little about this 5.5-meter racing yacht. She was the first 5.5-meter to be designed by the firm. Sidori (FIN-013) was built in the winter of 1952 by E. Blomqvist, of Porvoo, Finland, about 30 miles east of Helsinki. She was built to compete in the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. Our understanding is she is currently undergoing restoration somewhere in Finland.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 33'-2"
LWL 22'-11"
Bea, 6'-4"
Draft 4'-5"
Displacement 4,820 lbs
Sail Area 285 sq ft


  1. Info about this nice boat at

    Kind regards,
    Vittorio Pozzo

  2. Sidori is still in Finland and has been extensively renovated in early 2000's. She has had a cabin built on her sometime in the 1960's, but in my understanding she has been returned to racing layout since then.

    She stands out from other 5.5m's in Finland with her long fore and aft extensions, that appear to be typical to many S&S 5.5m-designs.

    She was commissioned by Curt Mattson, one of the biggest shipowners in Finland at the time.