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Friday, March 16, 2012

More About Design 25 - Bosun Bird

Today we were working at the Maine Boatbuilders Show all day. Great venue. Here is design #25, the old Blue Heron, now called Bosun Bird. We have been discussing this boat within these pages: is she really design #25? Well we crawled all over this boat today, with the original plans and the general consensus is that yes she is. Portland Yacht Services was kind enough to bring her inside the show and we had a steady stream of people all day checking her out. It's an interesting old centerboarder design and one that has seen her share of modifications over the last 78 years...but this image gives a nice look at her shape.

She is going to be professionally surveyed in the coming weeks and will be undergoing a complete restoration by Portland Yacht Services. She will be a fantastic addition to the New England classic fleet. Kudos to her owner.

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  1. I did a delivery aboard BLUE HERON (BOATSWAIN BIRD) for the Castine, ME S&S 2001 regatta. She is a beautiful and classic sailboat from the majestic '30'S era. I am both happy and proud that my Tabor classmate Matt Twomey is now the owner. He is the right owner for this beauty and is actively giving her the restoration that she deserves. She will continue to be a proud representative of the S&S name and fleet for years to come.