Friday, April 13, 2012

Design 370 - WWII Crash Boat

During World War II something on the order of 1,500 aircraft rescue boats (crash boats) were constructed in all kinds of sizes and configurations. S&S designed a handful. Crash boats were necessary for actual crashes due to failure or damage but also planes at that time simply didn't have the range they do today and many returning pilots fell short of their destination. The boats had to be fast and these little craft helped speed the development of all high speed small combatants.

I came across this one while doing some research. It was simply a proposal for a South American country that did not get built. You will note the derrick crane for lifting pilots into the boat and the arrangement of stretchers in the interior and also in the cockpit. The year was 1940.

I will post others in future postings.

LOA 51'-9"
LWL 49'-0"
Beam 12'-5"
Draft 5'-0"

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