Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Design 438 - YP 180 (Conversion)

In 1942 the U.S. Navy commissioned us prepare the plans to convert a number of World War I subchasers (SC designation) to yard patrol boats (YP designation). YP 180 was originally built by Elco (Electric Launch Company) in 1918. She was one of 442 SC-1s, the 110-foot subchasers built during WWI, with designation SC-101 and named Fidus.

The conversion was done at Fyfe's Shipyard, Glenwood Landing, Long Island, New York. YP boats were used for coastal defense and also for naval training purposes. YP 180 operated with a complement of 2 officers and 18 crew.

Looking at the archives the following S&S design numbers were also YP conversions, all done in 1942: #425, #426, #427, #428, #429 and #440.

Here are the plans.

The boat was later converted into a fishing party boat operating out of Hoboken, New Jersey, and named Whitby III. She has since been scrapped (1970).

Principal Dimensions
LOA 110'-4"
LWL 106'-5"
Beam 14'-9"
Draft 6'-10"

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