Sunday, May 6, 2012

2642-C1 - Gitana


Here's a nice aerial shot of Gitana (ex-Zingaro) with her new dark blue topsides and revised cockpit.  When Zingaro was sold in 2008 her new owner asked us to redesign her cockpit for increased seating/dining capacity.  Here is the original versus the revised layout.

This image shows the original configuration which includes a passage between the cockpit and steering stations along with a central navigation station.

Here are a couple of images showing the revised layout.  The passage between the steering pedestals and cockpit settees have been eliminated and the settees much improved. The navigation screens, engine panel and vhf radio have been incorporated into the aft end of the settees.  One now has to walk back between the steering stations to exit the interior or cockpit but the improvement to the outside seating is well worth it.

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