Saturday, May 5, 2012

Design 2648 - Zaca A Te Moana

Zaca A Te Moana was designed by Olivier van Meer, constructed of steel by the Amstel B.V. Shipyard of Holland and launched in 1992.  She was designed along the lines of a traditional "Grand Banks" schooner and as a near sister to the famous yacht Zaca once owned by Errol Flynn.

In 1997 she was put through a major refit, primarily to make her suitable for the charter market. Sparkman & Stephens was hired to assist with the design and engineering of her propulsion system and associated machinery, a revised interior arrangement and other miscellaneous tasks.

Here is the revised general arrangement plan.

 Principal Dimensions
LOA 143'-7"
LWL 124'-7"
Beam 23'-6"
Draft 14'-1"
Displacement 363,660 lbs

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