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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Design 90 - 76'-6" Shoal Draft Schooner

Only two drawings were prepared for this preliminary design proposal; a Lines Plan and a Sail & Deck Plan.  I believe the Lines Plan that is shown here is the only one of the two that has survived.  That's a shame as it would have been interesting to see her rig.

I always try to do an Internet search for the old customers to see if it might have been someone famous.  The plan list gives the name William McCoy.  I was more than amused to find that William McCoy was a rum-runner during prohibition and that he ran five different schooners between Bimini and Long Island.  Could it be that the firm designed one of them?  Probably not since prohibition ended in 1933 in the United States and this design was produced in 1935. Perhaps he just wanted to spend some of his profits on a fancy new boat.  Click here to read about him.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 76'-6"
LWL 66'-6"
Beam 19'-8"
Draft 5'-0"


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