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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Impala - Design 1056


Our good friend Steve White of Brooklin Boat Yard was just over in Italy sailing on the beautiful classic yacht Impala, design #1056, built by A&R and launched in 1954.  The image above was taken in Porto Santo Stefano on the west coats of Italy while the image below was taken on the island of Ponza a bit further south.  Thanks Steve.


  1. For many years (in the fifties and sixties, at least) she was the queen of the fleet in Edgartown harbor on Martha's Vineyard. She was dark blue and moored closest to the Yacht Club there, with a small Luders launch tied alongside as a harbor tender.

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  5. I had the pleasure of racing on Ariel, ex-Impala out of Southport, CT when she was owned by Robert Larsen. Wonderful to see her back in good condition!