Saturday, January 14, 2012

Preliminary Design of a 35' LOA Sloop

This preliminary design has not yet been assigned a job number. We were asked to create a larger version of the Huntington Class Sloop, design #773. The client liked the look of the original but wished to have a bit more headroom and accommodations, including an enclosed head and a small galley, plus a diesel auxiliary.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 34'-11"
LWL 28'-4"
Beam 9'-7"
Draft 5'-0"
Displacement 9,500 lbs

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ratsey & Lapthorn Sailmakers Advertisement - Stormy Weather

Here's a nice advertisement from 1935 announcing Stormy Weather's win in the Fastnet Race of that year, published by her sailmaker Ratsey & Lapthorn. Our friends over on City Island sent this to us so thank you.

Design 2299 - 1/2 Tonner

This little half-tonner would be the third S&S design for this client. His first was design #1767, a 40' production yacht (S&S40) built by a brand new boatyard named Teksoglass of Finland in 1964, followed by design #1973, a Swan 43 delivered in 1968.

The client was Åke Lindqvist, at the time Chief Surveyor to Lloyd’s Register in Finland. He had an active interest in offshore racing, had established contacts with S&S, and the knowledge for performing scantling calculations for the yachts. In the days of his first S&S design (1964), fiberglass was then a fairly new and unknown material for boat building, and it is likely that Lloyd’s scantling rules at the time were partly built on Åke’s contributions.

We have no record of where this boat was built.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 31'-6"
LWL 22'-5"
Beam 11'-0"
Draft 5'-6"
Displacement 5,685 lbs
Sail Area 383 sq ft

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Palawan VI - Design 2458

Photo Credit Steve C. D'Antonio

Here is the final S&S boat designed and built for Thomas J. Watson, Jr. The boat was constructed of welded aluminum by Abeking & Rasmussen of Germany and launched in 1984. The design was for a world cruising yacht, including the capacity to travel to extreme latitudes.

Here's the story in her owner's own worlds. Please double click for zoom.

Here are the plans.

She has recently been completely restored by Zimmerman Marine of Cardinal, Virginia.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 60'-4"
LWL 43'-8"
Beam 14'-9"
Draft 7'-5"
Displacement 53,063 lbs
Ballast 20,239 lbs
Sail Area 1,390 sq ft

Book Release - Dorade: The History of an Ocean Racing Yacht

Yesterday I was very pleased to have received a copy of Doug Adkins fine book entitled Dorade, The History of an Ocean Racing Yacht. The book has recently been released in a limited edition run of 250. I have never seen a book so well done. The book comes in a fabric bound box and includes a set of drawings including the sail plan, accommodations and construction plans, a high quality image of the cover shot and a leather book mark that is a copy of the famous lapel ribbon worn during the ticker tape parade back in 1931.

I received the following thoughtful note from the author.

The book is the most complete history about the boat that can possibly be imagined and includes all kinds of information about Olin, Sparkman & Stephens and related matter. Granted it's expensive at $250 but based on this publishers previous effort: Lines by Olin J. Stephens II, it should appreciate rather quickly. When the Lines book was released it was done so in two formats: a limited edition run of 250 with fabric covered slipcover and a standard run in plainer binding. The limited edition version cost $250 as well. The limited edition copies are now trading for as much as $2,300.

Click here to access the Dorade book website and learn how to order the limited edition version. A "standard" trade edition of the Dorade book is also available for $65. It is a hardbound copy with dust jacket. Click here for ordering instructions.

Thanks Doug for sending us a copy and congratulations on a monumental achievement.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zippo Advertisement

Seems somewhat random to us to associate the Zippo lighter and a Swan 65, design #2110, but that's just what they've done in this advertisement. One of our designers snapped this shot for us at the Zippo Lighter & Case Knife Museum in Bradford, PA. The image is of a large poster they have in the exhibit.

I suppose we would have been happier if the tag line read: "American Classics. The Statue of Liberty, the Zippo name AND a Sparkman & Stephens designed yacht are symbols recognized throughout the world..."

Design 2183 - Wanton

This attractive one-tonner was launched in 1972. Her aluminum hull and deck were built by Walter Huisman of Vollenhove, Holland, then shipped to England and fitted out by Berthon Boat Works of Lymington, England. It's disappointing that we have no images of this boat.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 38'-3"
LWL 28'-3"
Beam 11'-6"
Draft 6'-3"
Displacement 15,250 lbs
Ballast 7,500 lbs
Sail Area 631 sq ft

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Design 2187 - Alcort Weekender

Anyone involved with sailing growing up in America probably knows Alcort as the makers of the Sunfish, a very simple boat introduced in 1952. We were commissioned by Alcort to develop the trailerable, fiberglass weekender that you see here. The year was 1973; 3 years after Alcort was taken over by AMF (American Machine and Foundry). The project never materialized.

Here's the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 24'-1"
LWL 19'-9"
Beam 7'-11"
Draft 3'-0"
Sail Area 145 sq ft

Monday, January 9, 2012

Design 863 - Shallow Draft Tug

This vessel was designed for use in shallow waters as a tow boat or "pusher" for use on Lake Chad in French Equatorial Africa. A feature of her design required that she be capable of being disassembled for overseas shipment. She was tested and accepted after construction at the Mill Basin Ship Repair Co, Inc., of Brooklyn, N.Y. The year was 1956.

Mill Basin, Brooklyn, N.Y

Power was provided by a single General Motors 165 hp marine diesel.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 44'-0"
LWL 41'-0"
Beam 11'-5"
Draft 2'-6"

Design 2012-C1 - Swan 55

Back in July we posted an article about Cresta IV, the prototype of the Swan 55. Cresta IV was launched in 1969. The Swan 55 was introduced the following year using the same tooling that was built for Cresta IV. The following article tells the story. Please double click for zoom.

16 boats were built to the design during a production run that lasted until 1974.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 55'-4"
LWL 38'-0"
Beam 14'-3"
Draft 8'-0"
Displacement 37,220 lbs
Ballast 17,200 lbs
Sail Area 1,281 sq ft (sloop rig) 1,343 sq ft (yawl rig)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Design 3 - 45' Cabin Cruising Launch

This design takes us back to 1929. The boat was never built and we know very little about who commissioned the design. We hope you find this first S&S design of a motoryacht an interesting study. We pulled these images from the microfiche files and as you can see the plans are in pretty poor condition.

Propulsion was to be provided by twin 125hp Kermath marine engines.

Here are the inboard profile, general arrangement and joiner sections.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 45'-6"
LWL 44'-8"
Beam 11'-5"
Draft 2'-9"