Saturday, March 10, 2012

Design 323 - Hydrolite Dinghy

Details are sketchy at best for this design. Here's what we think we know. George Barnes of the Skaneatales Boatworks of Skaneateles, New York, invented a glue for cold molded boat construction. We were hired to design the dinghy you see here, named the Hydrolite. Eight Hydrolites were built using an autoclave. The boats were built of mahogany. The year was 1940.

The glue that he invented was later sold to the US Navy to build PT Boats.

Here are the plans we pulled off our microfiche files. Note the gear associated with the rig, centerboard and tiller was completely omitted in the images you see here.

I include the lines as they are interesting. Comparing them to the images however, the beautiful curvature at the transom was eliminated.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 8'-0"
LWL 7'-9"
Beam 3'-11"
Draft 0'-5"

Design 2679 - Quad Deck Motoryacht

The design of this 4-deck behemoth was started in 2000. She's a beast. Just look at the beam. The boat is designed with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

Extensive powering studies were undertaken which included a single screw option. The final power train selected was to be twin Caterpillar 3508B A-Rated diesel engines generating 1,000 hp each for a top speed of 14.8 knots.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

Sadly, the project was stopped when the clients were tragically killed in a boating accident.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 185'-0"
LWL 161'-1"
Beam 31'-2"
Draft 9'-0"

Friday, March 9, 2012

Preliminary Design - Modern Flybridge Motorsailer Ketch

This design is currently in development. It's an interesting layout. There is no wheelhouse nor inside steering station. There are twin steering stations on the flybridge. The open floor plan layout within the main deckhouse includes a large "country kitchen" style galley and breakfast nook opposite. Formal dining will take place in the aft deck cockpit. There are actually five guest staterooms in all, two located forward of the engine room.

She is to be constructed of aluminum.

Here is the general arrangement.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 131'-2"
LWL 117'-4"
Beam 28'-10"
Draft 13'-5"
Displacement 415,000 lbs

Design 2394 - Mafisto

This cold molded sloop was designed and built for single-handed sailing. She was built by Driscoll Custom Boats of San Diego, California and launched in 1980. Here's a design review from the time of her launch. Please double click for zoom.

Here are the plans.

And here's a close up shot of that funky doghouse.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 39'-5"
LWL 31'-0"
Beam 11'-6"
Draft 6'-3"
Displacement 21,336 lbs
Ballast 9,000 lbs
Sail Area 730 sq ft

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Preliminary Design - 49' Motoryacht

This preliminary design was prepared for Walsteds Bådeværft of Svendborg, Denmark. My suspicion is that this was prepared for a client of theirs. They year was 1994.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 49'-2"
LWL 40'-0"
Beam 14'-9"
Draft 4'-0"
Displacement 39,800 lbs (1/2 load)
Power 2 x 266 hp each

Design 1674-C1 - Sunward 48

We've made mention of this design before. The original boat was named Toc Toc and was built of steel. The boat was eventually developed into a production fiberglass boat that was built and marketed by Marlow Yachts of Deer Park, New York and called the Marlow 48. This was around 1970. From there the molds were purchased by Bennett Brothers Yachts of Wilmington, North Carolina. The model was renamed the Sunward 48. What you see here pertains to the Sunward 48.

Here are the plans.

And here is the most famous of all Sunward 48 owners, Walter Cronkite, aboard his boat Wyntje.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 48'-0"
LWL 38'-6"
Beam 14'-3"
Draft 5'-7"
Displacement 48,000 lbs
Ballast 16,500 lbs
Sail Area 1,033 sq ft

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More on Dorade Tender

This past week I stopped at the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport, Rhode Island to have a look at the reproduction of Dorade's original tender that is under construction there. They're doing a first rate job. Here are a couple of images showing the progress so far. Her scantlings are incredibly light.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 11'-0"
LWL 10'-3"
Beam 4'-4"
Draft 7" (board up) 2'-6" (board down)
Sail Area 65 sq ft

Design 2767 - 40' Flybridge Motoryacht

The client for this preliminary design approached us after seeing our Pegasus design. The boat was enlarged slightly and changes were made based on his requirements, such as the addition of a flybridge. The following two general arrangement options have been proposed.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 40'-0"
LWL 38'-11"
Beam 12'-11"
Draft 5'-0"
Displacement 26,500 lbs (1/2 load)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nice Image - Dorade

Courtesy of Billy Black

Here's a great image we received of Dorade, design #7, sailing off of Rose Island near Newport, Rhode Island. Thanks Billy.

Design 2213 - Charisma II

This was the second Charisma for this particular owner. Constructed of welded aluminum, she was built by Minneford's Yacht Yard of City Island, New York. The boat was launched in 1975. Charisma was designed under the I.O.R. Rule as an Admiral's Cup racer.

Here is an article from Yachting magazine about the boat. Please double click for zoom.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 54'-2"
LWL 42'-0"
Beam 14'-0"
Draft 8'-6"
Displacement 40,000 lbs
Ballast 18,000 lbs
Sail Area 1,251 sq ft

Monday, March 5, 2012

Design 351 - Quick Silver

I do not believe this yawl was ever built although quite a few plans were produced. We pulled these images from the microfiche files so they aren't exactly perfect but are enough to give one an idea of what the boat was all about. It's certainly an interesting outboard profile. The year was 1940.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

The sail plan shown below is quite blurred, but take a look at that square sail.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 65'-1"
LWL 47'-6"
Beam 14'-5"
Draft 9'-5"

Design 1996 - Palawan IV

This is the largest of the S&S Palawans designed for Thomas Watson, Jr. The boat was constructed of welded aluminum by Abeking & Rasmussen of Lemwarder, Germany. She was launched in 1972. This is the last of the Palawans to be posted within these pages.

The boat was designed for sailing to extreme latitudes. Here she is off of northern Greenland during a 2 month exploration in 1974.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 67'-6"
LWL 50'-6"
Beam 17'-6"
Draft 6'-8" (board up) 13'-7" (board down)
Displacement 106,800 lbs
Ballast 28,200 lbs
Sail Area 1,926 sq ft

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Preliminary Design - 60' Classic Ketch

Here's a typical "first pass" preliminary package we developed for a client seeking a classic looking cruising ketch. Two alternate general arrangements were developed.

This boat could be built in wood, fiberglass or aluminum depending on the owner's preference (and pricing). An alternate profile was also developed. Click here to have a look.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 60'-0"
LWL 45'-10"
Beam 14'-9"
Draft 6'-0' (board up) 12'-6" (board down)