Saturday, May 5, 2012

Design 2648 - Zaca A Te Moana

Zaca A Te Moana was designed by Olivier van Meer, constructed of steel by the Amstel B.V. Shipyard of Holland and launched in 1992.  She was designed along the lines of a traditional "Grand Banks" schooner and as a near sister to the famous yacht Zaca once owned by Errol Flynn.

In 1997 she was put through a major refit, primarily to make her suitable for the charter market. Sparkman & Stephens was hired to assist with the design and engineering of her propulsion system and associated machinery, a revised interior arrangement and other miscellaneous tasks.

Here is the revised general arrangement plan.

 Principal Dimensions
LOA 143'-7"
LWL 124'-7"
Beam 23'-6"
Draft 14'-1"
Displacement 363,660 lbs

Friday, May 4, 2012

More About Ananda - Design 2390-C5

Back in April we posted an article about Ananda, the 50' sloop built by Carlini. A blog follower sent us these images. Here she is out of the water so you can get a good look at her shape. 

And a couple of interior shots.

She's currently lying in Genoa, Italy.  She has apparently been for sale since 2007.  The current asking price is €120,000.  Looking at some more detailed images she looks like she needs a complete exterior varnish job.  Otherwise she looks pretty good.  Please contact us if you want more information or the complete listing.  Thanks for sending these images.  We are always happy to receive images of the boats.

Design 2676 - Northwind 65


This is the largest of the boats designed for Northwind Yachts of Barcelona, Spain.  The 65' was designed in 2001.  Like the other Northwind models we designed the hull, rig, appendages, general arrangement, and engineered the structure.  The styling was provided by Northwind.  2 boats were built to this design before Northwind folded although we have since learned that at least one bastardized copy at 72' length overall was delivered.

Here's a look at her shape.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 65'-0"
LWL 56'-7"
Beam 17'-5"
Draft 7'-3"
Displacement 72,545 lbs
Ballast 24,993 lbs 
Sail Area 2,007 sq ft

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Design 1106 - Ship to Shore Causeway

Elevation View

In 1953 Sparkman & Stephens was commissioned by the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Yards and Docks to prepare design studies of a Ship to Shore Causeway.  Here were some basic parameters:

a) Maximum length - one mile
b) To transport on a LST
c) To be able to carry 60 ton track vehicles (tanks) one way and truck traffic two ways
d) To erect the first 3,000 ft in two hours
f) To erect the balance if 2,280 ft  in another four hours
g) Adaptability to an irregular bottom at low tide
h) Provide support on a miry or marshy bottom
i) Not to be overstressed in waves 80' long and 4' high

That's a pretty impressive wish list.  This study followed on the heels of a previous study by the firm for a light tactical pontoon bridge the previous year, design #1000.  The report is extensive but in summary the solution  consisted of aluminum decking sections over rubber pneumatic floats with a ramp at the terminal (shore) end.  The sections were connected using threaded rods, cables and springs.  The floats were made up of multiple chambers in case a float was breached by gunfire.

The causeway assembly was tank tested at the Stevens Institute of Hoboken, New Jersey.  Here are a couple of images from that testing.


The report and associated plan work includes diagrams regarding assembly and storage aboard a LST.

Principal Dimensions
Causeway Sections
Length 200'-0"
Width 22'-0"
Height (Over Floats) 7'-0"
Number of Pontoons Per Section 20
Float Spacing 9'-0" and 13'-0"
Roadway Width 19'-0"
Weight Per Section 55.25 Short Ton

Length (Width of Bridge) 22'-0"
Diameter 6'-0"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Design 1930-C2 - Blithe Spirit


Originally launched as Gem, this interesting boat is actually a modified Freya Class boat.  She was built by Cantiere Benello of Italy but was shipped to America for completion.  The year was 1969.

Her second owner renamed her Blithe Spirit, was very particular about the sail plan and was a big proponent of the twin "Tradewind" staysail rig. Here's an article written by the second owner touting the rig. Please double click for zoom.

Here is the sail plan.

Our records show she made 4 transatlantic crossings and cruised extensively in Ireland, England, France and the Mediterranean as well as thoroughly exploring the Caribbean and Bahamas.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 44'-9"
LWL 33'-0"
Beam 12'-4"
Draft 7'-0"
Displacement 25,000 lbs
Ballast 11,000 lbs
Sail Area 921 sq ft

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Design 1959-C3 - Palmer Johnson 34


We have made numerous postings about this very successful design, the S&S 34.  She is design #1959.  We have had a number of confused buyers or owners inquiring about this particular version, the Palmer Johnson 34.  Let's set the record straight.  The Palmer Johnson 34 brochure lists Nautor of Finland as the builder.  That is completely false. Like the Swans that Palmer Johnson marketed and did not build themselves, these S&S 34s were marketed and sold by P.J. but built by Michael Winfield & Partners. Ltd. of England (later known as Aquafibre International).  We know of at least 12 units sold through P.J.

The boats were identical to the boats sold abroad with the exception of an increased sail plan.  The "I" dimension is 2'-6" taller than the English counterparts resulting in a sail area increase of 27 square feet.  Here's the P.J. 34 sail plan.

And here's a copy of the original P.J. 34 brochure.  Note the misleading credit to the builder on the cover page. Also note the LOA is listed as 33'-7".  This was probably done for marketing reasons only and is not correct.


Principal Dimensions
LOA 33'-6"
LWL 24'-2"
Beam 10'-1"
Draft 5'-10"
Displacement 9,195 lbs
Ballast 4,800 lbs
Sail Area 484 sq ft

Dorade Does Well in Antigua

Dorade Alongside Schooner Elena
Image Courtesy of Tim Wright, Photographer

Design #7, Dorade, has been busy racing in a number of races including the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, Les Voiles de St. Barths and most recently the 2012 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta where she won her class as well as the Concours d'Elegance for Vintage Yacht and for the event overall.She is now on her way back to Newport.  You can follow her progress and learn more about her upcoming race program by visiting the Dorade blog site.  Nice work.  Click here for more images.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Explorer Yacht Development


Here is a line of explorer yachts that has developed over a few designs (and about 10 years) but I think they're worth a study.  The 62-meter was developed in 2001, a classic looking split level boat with the capacity to carry large tenders.  This was commissioned for an existing client.

The 56-meter was an offshoot of this where our client really liked the general arrangement but the styling was modernized and the boat was made slightly more compact.  The boat still maintains a very commercial look.  Click here to access the blog posting about this boat and to see general arrangement plan.

And here is a much larger version at 82-meters.  The styling was developed into more of a luxury yacht look with bigger eyebrows and "Euro" transom.

Here are the designer's comments.  Please double click for zoom.

Video Link - Design 1598

Here's a brief video tour of design #1598, Alondra (ex-Mai Tai II).